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SlimFast Keto Together Accessory Bundle


This is Keto Made Easy! This accessory bundle gives you and your weight loss partner the tools you need to succeed including two SlimFast Keto shaker bottles, two SlimFast Keto insulated totes and two SlimFast measuring tapes.

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        Goodness on the go!

        SlimFast® Keto Fat Bomb Snack Cups are ultra convenient to grab and enjoy on the go. So no matter how busy you are or how hectic your life gets, it’s always easy to stay on plan and achieve your weight loss goals.

        Satisfies Hunger

        Let the exciting allure of creamy tropical coconut surrounded by decadent dark chocolate take you away! Defeat hunger and cravings with SlimFast KETO Fat Bomb Coconut Cream Dark Chocolate Snack Cups. These snacks are full of delicious low-carb, keto-friendly indulgence and are free from gluten, artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors!